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  • Miscarriage and Stillbirth

    Perinatal loss, or miscarriage, is a sudden loss of a pregnancy before twenty weeks gestation (after 20 weeks, the loss is considered a stillbirth).  Many women and couples find themselves to be completely blindsided by the experience, as often there were no prior issues with the pregnancy or indication of a problem.  It is often a very lonely time for a woman or couple, as the grief can be overwhelming and family and friends may not know how to offer comfort.  It can also be an anxious time, as doubts about the ability to have children in the future may come in to mind.

    Many people don’t consider a miscarriage as the death of a baby, but as a fairly common experience and the end of a pregnancy.  Many well meaning friends, relatives and even health care providers may tell the couple they can try again, and to move on.  These messages may serve to increase feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Although every woman and couple may respond to the experience of pregnancy loss differently, here are some common feelings:

    • Intense sadness and frequent crying
    • Feeling lonely and isolated
    • Feeling empty
    • Anger and feeling that life is unfair
    • Confusion and disorientation
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Anxiety about the future
    • Preoccupation with the experience; having flashbacks to the event
    • Anger or jealousy towards others who are pregnant or who have children

    The healing process involves allowing oneself to grieve for the loss, and to find ways to honor the baby that was lost. 

    “Grief is not an enemy, it is a friend.  It is a natural process of walking through the hurt and growing because of the walk.  Stand up tall to yourself and to your friends and say, ‘Don’t take my grief away from me…’” – Doug Manning

    We can help you cope with the grief of miscarriage or stillbirth

    Whether you’re located in MA or NH, we can provide support through the use of telehealth, as all of our providers are licensed in both states. Getting the support you deserve begins with these three easy steps:

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    Other Services at Women’s Counseling of Nashua

    In addition to counseling for postpartum depression & anxiety, we offer a wide range of mental health services. Our focus is on helping women thrive and be the best version of themselves.  Other mental health services at our clinic include counseling for complicated pregnancies & traumatic births, support after miscarriage or a stillbirth, infertility, health & medical issues, parenting, stress management, work-life balance, career counseling & general individual counseling.