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  • Career Stress/Work-Life Balance

    Whether you work in a corporate environment, education, or a non-profit, “office politics” abound.  It can be difficult to know how to navigate oneself around complicated organizational dynamics, and few of us have received any education regarding how to co-exist in such environments.  From performance expectations to having too many assignments, to fears of layoffs, there are a variety of situations that can contribute to stress.

    Oftentimes there are difficult or even toxic personalities we must collaborate and cooperate with in our work settings. These colleagues or managers may criticize, belittle, take credit for others’ work, back stab and otherwise make the lives of those around them miserable. Sometimes the stress may cause feelings of anxiety or depression, permeating all areas of your life. When things get to that point, it is essential to talk to an objective listener who can not only offer empathy and understanding, but also concrete direction and feedback regarding handling these complex situations.

    Achieving Work-Life Balance

    Do you struggle to keep all of the proverbial balls in the air?  Women are often the keeper of all the details – our children’s dentist appointments, our spouse’s medication we need to pick up, cleaning the bathroom, making sure to register our child for the lessons they really want.  Women are often the list makers, the ultimate decision makers for self and family.  With that responsibility also comes great pressure and stress, or “mental load” – the unseen mental gymnastics and exhaustion women often feel as managers.  We may feel that our spouse is not helping enough, or we don’t have family nearby to provide support.  Add to that a career outside of the home and we may have a recipe for chronic stress and feelings of overwhelm.  Chronic stress can lead us to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Sometimes women may adopt poor coping skills to deal with those feelings and not take care of themselves properly.

    Include yourself on your “to do” list and reach out to us for the support you need and deserve.

    Your stress can be managed

    Whether you’re located in MA or NH, we can provide support through the use of telehealth, as all of our providers are licensed in both states. Getting the support you deserve begins with these three easy steps:

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    Other Services at Women’s Counseling of Nashua

    In addition to counseling for postpartum depression & anxiety, we offer a wide range of mental health services. Our focus is on helping women thrive and be the best version of themselves. Other mental health services at our clinic include counseling for complicated pregnancies & traumatic births, support after miscarriage or a stillbirth, infertility, health & medical issues, parenting, stress management, work-life balance, career counseling & general individual counseling.