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  • Health and Medical Issues

    Sometimes life blindsides us with an unexpected and unwelcome diagnosis. Whether the diagnosis is cancer or fibromyalgia or a collection of symptoms yet to be named, the situation often requires a huge mental and emotional adjustment to be made in order to cope. Relationships with friends and family members may change, and our vision of the future may be compromised. To be sure, feelings of grief and loss are a part of that adjustment. To complicate matters further, our medical system is a challenge to navigate, and the ability to advocate for what we need is essential. It’s so important to have the ear of someone who can be both empathic and objective. The therapists at Women’s Counseling of Nashua can help with both the adjustment, as well as with developing the ability to advocate for your needs within the health care system.

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    Whether you’re located in MA or NH, we can provide support through the use of telehealth, as all of our providers are licensed in both states. Getting the support you deserve begins with these three easy steps:

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    Other Services at Women’s Counseling of Nashua

    In addition to counseling for postpartum depression & anxiety, we offer a wide range of mental health services. Our focus is on helping women thrive and be the best version of themselves. Other mental health services at our clinic include counseling for complicated pregnancies & traumatic births, support after miscarriage or a stillbirth, infertility, health & medical issues, parenting, stress management, work-life balance, career counseling & general individual counseling.