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    Our Mission

    We recognize that women continue to be a marginalized group in our society.  We strive to help foster the healing, growth and well-being of women and adolescent girls in NH and MA.

    Our Values:

    1. We believe wholeheartedly that healthier moms = healthier families

    We provide a holistic, collaborative care environment for women.  We see the trauma history, the stressful job, the strained relationship, the financial hardships, the parenting struggles.  We know how these stressors can compromise the efforts to maintain a healthy pregnancy, contribute to postpartum distress or make parenting more difficult in general.  Our team of therapists and nurse practitioners work together to provide counseling, support and expertise to help heal, grow and lessen the impact of stress on mothers.  We believe that the greatest gift you can give to your children is your own emotional well-being.

    2. We do our best to live what we promote

    Many of us utilize lessons learned in our work with clients through our own lived experiences.  We try our best to prioritize self-care, advocate for ourselves at work and in our communities, aim for equal partnerships at home, strive for gender equality in our society, and continually aim for work / life balance.  Most of us have been in therapy ourselves at one point or another.  We consider self-knowledge and insight extremely important to effectively provide sound and ethical services for our clients.  We seek out supervision regularly and greatly value continuing education to help us provide competent, informed care.  As with our clients, we are all a work in progress in our own journeys to greater well-being!

    3. We support our greater community

    We value offering affordable services to our community.  Our Master level Interns and Associate Therapists offer reduced rates for clients who may not have the financial resources to afford our full fees.  We provide outreach and support to non-profit organizations by participating in their fundraising efforts.  We will help any client who contacts our office for support to find help whether we are able to do so ourselves or not.  We are a social justice oriented, LGBTQ+ allied, and gender affirming practice.


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