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  • Complicated Pregnancy

    Pregnancies may be complicated by many factors. Sometimes, they are unplanned, and if a woman chooses to continue the pregnancy, her adjustment to motherhood may be more difficult. Some women may have uncomfortable or even life-threatening physical side effects of pregnancy, from nausea and vomiting to gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Others still may have feelings of ambivalence about becoming a mother, even if the pregnancy was planned. As with all other major life transitions, relationships with spouses, partners, and friends may begin to shift. The anticipation of all of the changes to come can cause anxiety even under the best of circumstances.

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    Sometimes, there may be an unexpected and challenging fetal diagnosis that may require the woman or couple to decide whether they will continue the pregnancy. This usually involves an often heartbreaking decision-making process they must go through. Feelings of guilt, grief, and worry for the future often dominate during this time. It can be incredibly helpful to talk with a counselor who understands not just the physical, but also the emotional and social process women often go through when faced with such a situation.

    Finally, it’s not uncommon for mood issues to present themselves during this time. Many women experience some degree of anxiety, especially if they have gone through infertility treatments to become pregnant or have suffered losses in the past. Others may feel sad or overwhelmed. Certainly, the anticipated life changes can contribute to mood changes, however, elevated hormones during this time can be partly to blame.

    Whatever your circumstances, it can be incredibly helpful to talk to someone who understands the range of issues that may complicate a pregnancy. We are committed to taking a non-judgmental stance with our expectant moms and will help you examine your feelings, provide coping strategies, help you plan for your birth and postpartum period.

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    Whether you’re located in MA or NH, we can provide support through the use of telehealth, as all of our providers are licensed in both states. Getting the support you deserve begins with these three easy steps:

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    Other Services at Women’s Counseling of Nashua

    In addition to counseling for postpartum depression & anxiety, we offer a wide range of mental health services. Our focus is on helping women thrive and be the best version of themselves. Other mental health services at our clinic include counseling for complicated pregnancies & traumatic births, support after miscarriage or a stillbirth, infertility, health & medical issues, parenting, stress management, work-life balance, career counseling & general individual counseling.