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  • Addiction Recovery

    Coming to the realization that you’ve become addicted to a substance can be a long and arduous process. What initially starts out as a “tool” to cope with life’s insanity can soon become counterproductive and start to wreak havoc in your life. At this point in the process, you recognize this to be true for you and have taken steps towards sobriety. Maybe you’ve started attending a group like AA or NA, SMART Recovery, or you’ve completed inpatient treatment somewhere and are looking for ongoing therapy support to aid you in your recovery. We recognize that maintaining sobriety is hard. Cravings, triggers to use and stress can lead to relapse.

    Recovery Maintenance:

    Together in sessions with your therapist, you’ll develop a plan to help you navigate and manage the emotional and physical responses to stopping drinking or drug use. You’ll be introduced to new and healthy coping skills. You’ll learn how to deal with cravings and triggers, to increase your ability to maintain sobriety. You’ll explore the emotional or other reasons that led to drinking or drug problems in the first place. Let one of our therapists be your recovery guide and partner on your healing journey.