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  • Medication Refill Policies

    For our clients who utilize medication management services from our office, you will always be provided enough medication to last until your next scheduled appointment.  Refill requests should be made during your scheduled appointment.  Should you require a refill outside of your appointment time, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required, during business hours only.  Our practice does not provide “emergency” refills outside of normal business hours.  We do not provide early refills for lost or stolen medication.  Please also be aware that controlled medications such as those for treatment of ADHD or anxiety may be restricted at the discretion of your provider.

    Please contact your medication provider directly should you require a refill between appointment times.

    Danielle Smith, CNM, FNP-C, PMH-C: [email protected] or (603)-821-0008 ext. 107

    Adrienne Pitts, CNM, DNP: [email protected] or (603)-821-0008 ext. 115

    Olivia Booth, FNP-C, PMHNP-C: [email protected] or (603)-821-0008 ext. 118