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  • Medication Management Policies and Refill Requests

    We are able to prescribe medication for clients who are aged 18 and over.  It is the policy of Women’s Counseling of Nashua that clients seeking medication management services also be engaged in a counseling relationship either by a provider from Women’s Counseling or elsewhere.  A release of information will be required to be signed at the time the first appointment is scheduled.  Communication between providers is considered best practice in a collaborative care environment.

    We do not prescribe sedative-hypnotics (example: Ambien, Lunesta), chemical dependency medications (example: Suboxone or Methadone), or medical cannabis.  Should it be determined that you may benefit from any of these medications, every effort will be made to refer you to an appropriate provider.  Certain controlled medications, like benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety, are prescribed on a short-term or limited basis only, at the discretion of your provider.  Should you be prescribed a controlled substance of any kind, you will be required to sign a contract outlining your responsibilities.

    An appointment with your medication provider is required for any requested changes to your medication.

    As you may be aware, there is currently a nationwide severe shortage of certain controlled substances used to treat conditions including ADHD.  These include but are not limited to Adderall and Vyvanse.  For the time being (as of 11/23), we are no longer prescribing these medications for new clients due to the frequent inability to fill the prescriptions at local pharmacies.   Inconsistent use of prescribed medications may lead to poor clinical outcomes.  As such, other medication options, as well as non-medication options to help manage attention issues may be explored.

    Frequency of Appointments:  Initial intake appointments are 30-45 minutes and follow up appointments are generally 15-25 minutes.  Appointments may range from weekly to once every two months, depending on need.  Clients are expected to meet with their medication provider a minimum of once every 60 days in order to be considered active clients of the practice.

    Refill Requests and Policies:

    For our clients who utilize medication management services from our office, you will always be provided enough medication to get you to your next scheduled appointment.  Should you require a refill outside of your appointment time, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required, during business hours only.  Our practice does not provide “emergency” refills outside of normal business hours.  We do not provide early refills for lost or stollen medication.  Please also be aware that controlled medications may be restricted at the discretion of your provider.

    No refills will be provided to clients who have cancelled their appointment unless there is another scheduled appointment with their prescribing Clinician within the next 30 days. Repeated cancellations will lead to a denial of any further refills.  Requests for an early prescription refill of a controlled substance will ALWAYS be denied.

    For refill requests, please send an email to:  [email protected]

    Prior Authorizations:  Your provider will process any prescription prior authorizations required by your insurance plan, however, clients should call their insurance to better understand the medications their plans will and will not cover.

    A Release of Information: A release is required from your PCP, mental health therapist, and OBGYN if currently pregnant.

    GeneSight© Genetic Testing: We are able to facilitate genetic testing on behalf of GeneSight©. This test (done by a cheek swab) may allow you to have a better understanding about which medications used to treat mental health conditions will work better for you than others. You will be asked to read and sign a consent form by them, allowing GeneSight© to process the test and to bill your insurance for the cost. Please speak with your prescriber if you are interested in having this test done.