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  • LGBTQ+ Services

    Even though much progress has been made, discrimination, macro and micro aggressions are often still a part of daily life for those who identify as LGBTQ+. From laws banning gay marriage to intolerant work-place environments, the world can feel like a very hostile place. You want to know that your therapist, the one you are trusting with the more intimate parts of your life, is in your corner in every way possible.

    Women’s Counseling of Nashua only employs clinicians who identify as allied with LGBTQ+ populations.  It’s important to us that no matter how you identify yourself to the world that the space you share with your therapist will be free from judgement and microaggressions that you may experience in the broader society.

    Whether you seek services from Women’s Counseling to help you cope with a postpartum mood disorder or a difficult trauma history, you also may come to us with goals that are more specific to your sexual and / or gender identity.  These may include:

    • Gender Identity
    • Coming out
    • Relationship difficulties with parents or other family members
    • Relationship challenges with your partner
    • Self-acceptance