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  • Sara Sparks

    Hello! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

    My name is Sara Sparks and I’m a licensed independent clinical social worker. I have the distinct pleasure of working with people just like you to navigate through life’s challenges. Genuine curiosity is at the core of my work. I believe with curiosity comes connection. In this, I will always be coming from a place of nonjudgement. From the second we begin, I am rooting for you. Honestly, you’re just reading this right now, and I’m already rooting for you! Great job taking the first step toward healing! Go YOU!

    I operate from a range of evidence-based intervention methodologies, but I am deeply rooted in a holistic approach that is the core of social work philosophy, Person-in-Environment. I believe we are not solely impacted by our thoughts and feelings, but how we interact with the environments we live, work, and play in. Once we get a better picture of this, we can work together to create strategies to rediscover that innate joy that is in all of us. Sometimes we must work a little harder to access it and that’s okay. What’s that Death Cab for Cutie line? Then, I’ll follow you into the dark.

    Clinical Interests:

    A couple of my clinical interests include working with pregnant and postpartum clients. I am deeply invested in maternal mental health as I believe it is the cornerstone of one’s ability to bond, nurture, and grow as a mother. I also believe there are times of great difficulty and duress that surround family planning such as infertility struggles and loss. I believe we need to hold space for this stage as it is so, so important!

    I have completed advanced training for the perinatal life stage in order to intervene in new and unique ways. I am now a certified provider of perinatal mental health services through Postpartum Support International.

    As noted above, infertility and loss are an immense piece of the fertility puzzle. With this, I have the distinct privilege of holding space for those grieving pregnancy and infant loss, as well as navigating infertility. I recently completed advanced training for grief and loss through Claire Bidwell Smith’s Conscious Grieving Network. It is my utmost goal to create safety in which we can get up close and personal with your grief. I believe this is an important starting point toward healing.

    It goes without saying, grief is universal. My approach with grief is to meet you where you are, no matter the stage of life, no matter what type of loss, and walk with you as you reorient to life after suffering loss.

    Though I am grateful to have advanced training tools in my toolbox, this does not mean my work is limited by them. I am happy to work with you through an array of life’s challenges. I firmly believe if there is a well-rounded clinical relationship in place, we can work together to find that innate joy referenced earlier.

    Additionally, I am an LGBTQQIA+ ally! I will champion you every step of the way.

    About Me:

    My clinical background includes work in a variety of settings including – corrections, psychiatric inpatient hospital, medical hospital and college counseling center. I have worked with people all the way from birth to helping loved ones plan for the end.

    A bit of personal background, I served as a stay-at-home mom for seven years, and went back to school to obtain my Associate’s, my Bachelor’s, and most recently my Master’s degree in Social Work from Auburn University. I am a firm believer – it is never too late to go for that goal!

    Nowadays, in my free time, you’ll find me hanging outside with my chickens, going camping with my family, and reading a book or twenty. Humor is my favorite thing and I’m sure we’ll have some laughs in our sessions!

    Thanks so much for reading about me! I can’t wait to meet you and begin our work together!