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  • Rosie Emrich
    Clinical Director

    My name is Rosie Emrich, and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Art Therapist.  First, taking steps to improve your mental health can be both a scary and brave thing to do!  I feel honored to witness all of the hard work and courage required take care of yourself; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Our society and culture tends to try to shame us away from doing so!  I work hard to create a safe, welcoming and judgment free space for this important work to take place.

    I view my role as a therapist similar to that of a guide.  I aim to offer new and different perspectives, ask tough questions, and help you find a way through difficulty and struggle.  Learning new ways to understand your past and present experiences, conquering negative thoughts and shame, and finding a way to show ourselves grace throughout this process are all important parts of what I bring to those I work with.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers- nope, no magic wands here- but I do believe that we all have an inner wisdom that we can access with a little bit of help, some hard work, and the right skills and tools.

     Art Therapist & Creative Guide

    I love to help the women I work with think outside of the box by offering creative ways to explore their struggles and inner (sometimes unconscious) experiences.  We do not just talk our way through the world; we move through, touch, feel and experience life.  It only makes sense then that when trying to process and make sense of our experiences that we should do so in a way that includes all of our senses.  Art Therapy is a great alternative or supplement to talk therapy for this exact reason.  Regardless of whether or not you have any formal art training or skill, Art Therapy gives you the power to express yourself, reduce stress, gain insight and self-awareness, and practice making change in a safe space. There is no artistic talent or training required because Art Therapy is not about how ‘pretty’ your art is, but instead is focused on the process of making art and finding associations between the creative choices and your inner life.

    Parenting Realist

    Parenting is hard.  From the birth of our children through young adulthood there is no guide or roadmap where we can find answers to all of the questions and difficulties that come with it.  The expectations placed on women in general, and especially mothers, are nearly impossible to maintain.  Knowing that you are not alone in struggling to balance your own needs, career and interests, and the needs of your children and family is vital for being able to show yourself some grace.  In my work with parents, I strive to help you to better understand how your experience of being parented yourself as a child impacts how you parent; how to manage the day to day stressors and challenges that come with raising humans in this world; and how to balance and prioritize your own needs so that you have enough of yourself to keep giving.  As a parent myself, I continue to find my own way through these struggles and bring my personal experiences, training and expertise, yet always honor you as the expert on yourself and your family.


    We all have a lifetime of experiences that have shaped how we view ourselves, our relationships and the world.  Sometimes these experiences can teach you some untruths- things that once helped you stay emotionally and/or physically safe, but no longer apply or serve you.  Being able to recognize how your past experiences impact you in the present helps to loosen their grip and help you begin to take back control and make different choices. I bring many years of experience and training in trauma and attachment, and seek to help you better understand what drives their automatic negative thoughts, beliefs about themselves and the world, and your actions and reactions, so that you can be more present, build insight, and make positive change in your life.

    About Me

    I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2015.  I have additional training in Infant Mental Health, which focuses on how a child develops socially and emotionally from ages of 0-6, as well as providing support to parents around how they can strengthen their bond and build healthy and supportive attachments with their children of all ages.

    Most recently, I worked at a community mental health center providing both talk therapy and art therapy to adults of all ages with a variety of struggles including depression, anxiety, trauma, and personality disorders.  Prior to that, I worked in home visiting providing social, emotional and developmental supports to new parents and families.

    As a parent myself to three energetic young children, I only dream of free time, but I try to get in as much reading, yoga, cooking, and creative expression as possible!