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  • Joanne Luquette, LCMHC, MLADC

    My name is Joanne Luquette, and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I am a firm believer in meeting someone where they are at and not forcing a stage of change. I feel strongly that change does come from within ourselves and sometimes we need someone to help us find the light within us. Therapy can be awkward and uncomfortable as we learn about ourselves, but no growth comes from comfortability.

    Substance Use Disorder Specialist:

    Addiction has become a hot topic over the last 20 years. So many lives have been lost due to this epidemic. I have made it my passion to be able to help and serve those who have fallen into addiction and take steps to finding a life worth living being sober. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders have been so closely linked; at times, it is hard to determine what a person can experience first. Recovery is a life-long process that needs to be maintained, as we would keep up any other part of our lives.  Many people find recovery in their own form, whether that is individual therapy, group therapy, or a Higher Power. Finding your way through recovery can be scary, but it does not have to be done alone.

    Supporting Mothers, Including Those In Recovery:

    Going along with Substance Use Disorder, I have found that working with mothers in recovery has become close to my heart. Being a mother is a struggle in itself, when adding in recovery to this there is a whole other set of challenges. I have found in my work along the years, that parenting is often learned while doing. This can be a challenge during stressful times to maintain sobriety, however with support it is not impossible. By being able to provide compassion and honest feedback, I have been able to help mothers navigate both parenting and recovery.

    About Me:

    I graduated with my Master’s in Community Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder from Southern New Hampshire University. Originally, my background was in criminal justice until I noticed the disconnect between the justice system and social work. I have a unique background in employment, as I have done a little bit of everything starting with internships with NH State Prison System and The Cypress Center. I have been employed as a Job Specialist, Mental Health Counselor on an In-Patient unit, Psychotherapist, Emergency Services Clinician, as well as Group Leader for Substance Use Therapy groups.

    Most recently, I have worked with two mental health agencies doing both intake services and individual therapy sessions. The majority of my clients have been adults who have been struggling with a dual diagnosis of Substance Use and Mental Health.