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  • Celia Moczo, MSW

    Life in a fast-paced world filled with responsibilities, interpersonal interactions, and opportunities can be enriching and exciting. It can also be overwhelming and difficult, forcing us to navigate and process challenges that may foster stress, dysregulation, and even bring forth the effects of past and present traumas.

    When considering my approach to therapy, I like to imagine a tangled ball of yarn. My job is not to pull hard on the end of the string but rather to give you the skills and guidance, every step of the way, to eventually feel confident that your “yarn” is workable and the tangles surmountable.


    I enjoy working with clients of all ages, though especially love working with adolescents. Teens are at a point in their lives when it is natural to begin developing a sense of individuality, beginning to face the nuances of the world without the guidance of their parents. This task can be so daunting when maneuvering academic, interpersonal, and biological demands as well as the formation of their unique personal identity at the same time. Often, teens are much more resilient and wiser than we give them credit for and harnessing their power by amplifying their voice gives them the space necessary to flourish into adulthood.


    Through working with clients, I have found that every person, regardless of their background or diagnosis, brings with them their own set of personal strengths that can be built upon in therapy. All individuals have many facets to their personalities; no one person is exactly alike, and so no single treatment plan will work for everyone. During our work, your strengths will be identified so the methods we use and the progress we make is relevant, dynamic, and sustainable.


    I graduated with a Master of Social Work from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts in May 2020. I have worked in both academic and clinical settings as a clinician, most recently serving as a family therapist providing community members with intensive, home-based care.

    In my downtime, I explore trails with my husband and our two dogs, continue to hone my childhood love of dance, and enjoy many different small hobbies that replenish my energy and allow me to provide my clients with quality care and support.