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  • Becky Darrah, M.S.

    A Healing Guide

    As a therapist I consider my role as a compassionate witness, healing and transformational guide. I recognize that everyone has their own story and through the therapeutic relationship and process my role is to accompany and support you in accessing your own wisdom and guidance to where your own healing path leads. Through working at a pace that is guided by you we collaboratively build a safe therapeutic container for you to explore your inner world and goals. I encourage collaboration and communication and will support you to listen to your inner guidance and wisdom of what resources and tools will be helpful on your healing journey.

    Internal Family Systems (IFS)

    I am an IFS trained therapist, having completed a year long level 1 training. Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed by Richard Schwartz, PhD, is a trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy which supports deep healing, transformation and personal growth. The IFS approach explores different parts (or aspects) and the inner system that is created through these parts. Each of us has a source of internal wisdom that is often covered up by beliefs and burdens of our experiences. Through an IFS approach we can explore your inner world, healing the past and present through release burdens and patterns that are being held. Through this continual process, which is supporting healing of the nervous system and neurological pathways we can begin to allow naturally valuable qualities and personal gifts to emerge and internal leadership and harmony to be felt. This in turn can positively impact your external systems and ways of relating to others.

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    I graduated from Prescott College with a M.S in clinical mental health counseling and an emphasis in somatic psychology in 2019. While in graduate school, I also completed a year long level 1 training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as a variety of trainings on the nervous system and holistic healing through the connection of mind, body and spirit. I view therapy as a calling and this has guided my clinical interests in trauma healing, grief and loss counseling, life transitions, and neurodiversity (ADHD, Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons or HSP).

    In my free time you may find me out in nature or spending time with any and all animals, creating art and drawing, or listening to a variety of music.