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  • Barb Buckman, LICSW Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

    My name is Barb Buckman and I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I have been a practicing social worker for over 20 years and have worked with children, teenagers and adults. Social work is my passion and I feel honored and privileged to be trusted with people’s stories and to be by their side as they navigate through difficult times.


    Every story shared with me is different and each individual telling the story has a different experience and perception.  There is no right or wrong way to think or feel about the experiences we have in our lives.  Sometimes, though, it can be hard to talk about what we are going through, for fear of being judged.  I believe that feeling safe and accepted allows you to talk about and work through difficult times and to focus on what is important to you, rather than what others may think.   I hope to provide that safe space.


    We have all gone through times in our lives when the sadness, fear or anger has felt overwhelming and we have struggled to navigate through.  Dealing with difficult emotions is hard and it can be scary. I believe that – in times like these – we need someone to listen to us, offer support and sit with us as we try to find the courage to talk about the things that make our lives distressing.


    I graduated from Boston University in 2000 with my Master’s degree in Social Work and have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New Hampshire since 2003. I have worked in community mental health, schools, hospitals and clinics and private practice.

    I enjoy humor and sarcasm and have been known to incorporate both into my practice.