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  • Melissa Nickola

    Hello! Thank you for coming!

    My name is Melissa Nickola and I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW). I love being able to work with people who want to connect with and work on themselves. I support my clients by meeting them where they are while helping to identify paths to where they want to be. I am a firm believer that pursuing therapy can be a difficult step for people and know that it is not always supported across cultures. I am here to support you no matter where you are coming from and am looking forward to getting started!

    Clinical Interests/Expertise:

    I have a passion for anyone who is trying their best to manage all of life’s toughest parts.

     I deeply enjoy working with all kinds of people, especially women and families.

    As a mom to two young children myself, I can relate to all of the many changes and challenges new moms and families face when children enter the picture.  Relationships, career paths and friendships can all change dramatically.  Having worked in hospital settings for many years, I also know all too well the many supports that are lacking in our society to support mothers.  Maternal mental health has been a passion of mine for many years and, I am very privileged to be part of that support system in the role of a therapist.  I recognize that it is not always easy to speak to someone about private and sensitive topics and I work diligently in creating a safe space for my clients to feel at ease when doing so. I work from a nonjudgmental, all-inclusive place and am honored to have the opportunity to do the work that I do.

    About Me

    I chose a career in social work after my experience as an employee working with children and adolescents with Autism, Depression, Anxiety, suicidal ideation, and/or self-injurious behaviors. I went on to complete my master’s degree in Social Work at Simmons College.

    My clinical background includes working primarily in the hospital setting. I worked at Elliot Hospital for almost six years, specializing in maternity, pediatrics, neonatal intensive care, and labor and delivery. I have worked with cases of trauma, postpartum depression/anxiety, domestic violence, high-risk pregnancies, infant/maternal loss, and substance abuse. I am well versed in crisis intervention, end of life/palliative care, and working within interdisciplinary teams

    In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, creating core memories with my two young children, and getting outside into nature! I pride myself in being open-minded, easy going, and creating space for all types of people. I understand that being human makes us all a little “messy” at times and I enjoy being a part of people’s journeys to sort it out and do our best to embrace it.